Hello, I am Gabriel!

Software developer, engineering student and passionate about tech and inovation

Who am I?

I am a brazilian software developer, currently studying Telecommunication Engineering at the Federal Institute of Santa Catarina(IFSC). I am passionate about technology and innovation, and I am always looking for new things to learn.


A project to learn how to use Leaflet with React focusing in Heatmap and Clusters
A Minecraft Clone made with React and TypeScript
A Discord Clone made with NextJS and TypeScript

My journey

My journey in tech started very young, I always has been fascinated for computers and programs, I started learning image and video editing for fun and applying that knowledge at my dad's car repair shop. As I grew up, I started to learn about programming to create a website for my family's business, and I fell in love with it. Since then, I have been seeking to learn more and more about programming and technology.

In 2017, I started my technical course in telecommunications during high school, where I learned about electronics, networking and had some formal contact with programming. After some learning I was able to land a job as a repair technician at Intelbras. I learned a lot about electronics and about the work environment in general, but my goal was always to work with development. After some time, the oportunity showed up, also at Intelbras, and I was able to start working at the R&D department, where I was more exposed to the development world. In there I tested hardware and software, beeing in contact directly with the manufacturers. With a new project emerging in the department, I was able to start working with frontend development, using React, then I understood what I really liked to work with, creating stuff.

I learned a lot, the project was very sucessfull the team grew and I was able to participate in the hiring and training process, but then shortly after I was invited to work at Web Automação e Tecnologia to develop a new project, and I accepted the challenge. In there I developed not only the frontend but the backend and the mobile app, it was really challenging to learn all that stuff in a short period of time, but with help of my team I was able to do it. I learned a lot.

At the end of 2023, I participated in a selection process to work at LabWare, and I was accepted. Alongside with the LabWare process I was also in a exchange program process to study abroad, shortly after I was accepted at LabWare I was also accepted at the exchange program, and I had to choose between the two. With a heavy heart I decided to focus on the exchange program, because it was a dream of mine to go abroad.

I had a big time in the exchange program, met a lot of people and got to know many cultures, and also took the oportunity to travel.

After that experience, I am back to Brazil, currently working in a R&D project at IFSC in partnership with Engie in a project of AI applied to energy efficiency.


Lets connect! Im on LinkedIn and Github, or send me a message here!